Meta Urn

Meta Urn challenges the method in which we honor our dead. An artifact of a future world, the urn uses a microbial fuel cell to break down organic matter to generate electricity. The organic matter proposed for the Meta Urn is the remains of departed loved ones. The urn transmutes the decomposing flesh into electricity, which is then utilized to power a radio transmitter. When powered, the urn wirelessly transmits the DNA code of the departed, broadcasting their genetic information and symbolically releasing them into the air, back to nature, back to nothingness.... The wearer of the urn, a relative of the deceased, voluntarily conducts the ritual.... He/she walks and carries the urn keeping their departed loved one close in body and mind while dispersing their essence in the form of the transmitted genetic code for all to receive. Meta Urn is a collaboration with Fito Segrera.

  • roleConcept, Fabrication, Programming
  • mediumMicrobial Fuel Cell
  • Year2014
Operational Meta Urn.
Meta Urn is a wearable machine.

Early stage of microbial fuel cell.
Meta Urn transmitter.